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Obesity resources for physicians and patients

Access downloadable resources designed for you and your patients to optimise weight management.

Resources for healthcare professionals

5 steps on obesity

Obesity stigma can make talking about obesity a sensitive issue. The ‘5 steps on obesity’  guidance document provides support for you to start and continue the conversation to find the right management option for your particular patient.

Obesity-related complications risk calculator

Access our obesity risk calculator to quickly calculate your patients’ individual risk for obesity-related complications.

Multidisciplinary support for GPs

Management of obesity benefits from the input of a range of support people and services.

Empathetic diagnosis and assessment

This factsheet can be used to help review different strategies a GP or nurse can use to engage with and assess a person living with obesity.



Major treatment approaches in obesity management

This factsheet outlines the principal goals of obesity management and provides an overview of the 3 major approaches.


Realistic goal setting

This factsheet helps to outline the best approach to setting goals with your patients.


The importance of monitoring goals

This factsheet explains the role regular monitoring of progress towards specific goals plays in a weight management program, and provides options for monitoring beyond weight scales.


Long-term patient support

This factsheet provides information and strategies to help re-engage and motivate patients when the going gets tough.


Appointment planning

This factsheet helps to plan the follow-up approach you could take to support patients as they move through their weight management program.


The Australian Obesity Management Algorithm

This tool has been developed to help guide the management of obesity in primary care and to assist you with treatment decisions for your patients with overweight and obesity.

Resources for your patients

Sustaining weight loss can be hard

This obesity leaflet helps patients understand the multiple factors which influence body weight. It explains how genetics, environment and hormones can all contribute to making weight loss and maintaining it challenging for those living with overweight and obesity.

Patient weight journey planner

This form can be used in interactions when discussing first steps a patient can take when developing a weight management program. The form should be given to the patient to complete in the practice with the assistance of the GP/nurse or at home.

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