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Obesity resources for physicians and patients

Access downloadable resources designed for you and your patients to optimise obesity management.


'5 steps on obesity’ guidance PDF

Obesity stigma can make talking about obesity a sensitive issue. The ‘5 steps on obesity’ guidance document provides support for you to start and continue the conversation to find the right treatment option for your particular patient.

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‘Losing weight and sustaining it is hard’ brochure

This obesity brochure helps patients understand the multiple factors which influence body weight. It explains how genetics, environment and hormones can all contribute to making weight loss and maintaining it challenging for those living with overweight and obesity.5,6

Download our PDF on weight management for your patients.

Shot of a doctor examining a senior patient in a clinic

‘Goal setting for weight management’ pamphlet

Once a weight journey has been explored and your patient’s personal challenges identified, you can progress to setting achievable goals together. This leaflet sets out potential approaches to healthy eating and increased physical activity

Download our goal setting weight loss management template for your patients.

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