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Downloadable Resources on Obesity Treatment

Click on the resources below to download materials to support your conversations with your patients with obesity.

Adolescent obesity

Use a BMI calculator1

The NHS has a useful body mass index (BMI) tool that patients can use to calculate their own BMI, as well as understand what BMI is and how it is calculated.1

Work with your patients to calculate their BMI to help them understand their current health state.1

Do you know about the ACTION IO Study?

The Awareness, Care and Treatment in Obesity MaNagement – an International Observation (ACTION IO) Study is the first international study to investigate barriers to effective obesity care among people with obesity and healthcare professionals in 11 countries worldwide.2

You can learn more about the study here.

The ACTION Study has previously been conducted on a national scale in the US3 and Canada4 and full results of the US study can be accessed on ACTIONStudy.com.  


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HQ21OB00063, Approval date: May 2021

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